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More than Chemistry LOTTE Chemical is taking off as a 21st century global chemical company
on the strength of its competency accumulated over 30 years.
HOME Company Vision

LOTTE Chemical is opening the chapter of a prosperous future, based on trust to humans and love of nature. Leveraging the unwavering spirit of creation and the unswerving attitude of challenge, we have evolved to a leading company. Under the VISION 2020 laid out in 2016, the company is taking a big step to be a “Global Top 10 Chemical Company”.

Global Top 10 C
Diversification of raw materials
Enhancing cost competitiveness and profitability
  • - Launching local ECC to source low-cost materials
  • - Building additional NCC facilities at home and abroad
Diversification of business portfolio
Mitigating profit fluctuations and increasing profitability
  • - Enhancing the integration of olefin (additional derivatives)
  • - Expanding business area to functional materials and fine chemical sector
Selecting and promoting new businesses
Securing future growth engines
  • - Promoting the entrance into ESS and water treatment sectors
  • - Selectively entering relevant businesses

Management Policy

  • Strengthening Core Competences: We will secure competitiveness in our main business areas by focusing on what we can do best and expand to related business areas.
  • Field-oriented Management Our executives and employees will continuously monitor voices from the field such as customers, business partners, and local community and incorporate them in our business strategy.
  • Talent Cultivation We hire outstanding talent and nurture them to be industry leaders equipped with the skills needed to guide future growth.
  • Green Management We fulfill our responsibilities for society’s sustainable growth while protecting the environment by supplying innovative, environment-friendly products that conserve energy.
  • Brand Management We ensure that our products give the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and win their trust as we make our premium brand a global leader.

Core Values

The core value of LOTTE Chemical reflects the essence of LOTTE Chemical’s success that has been splendidly developed throughout numerous challenges.

  • Customer Focus
    • It intends to judge and act based on profound understanding on customers.
    • It intends to be always sincere to customers and observe promises with them.
  • Originality
    • It provides signature and differentiated products and services of Lotte based on creative perspective.
    • It pursues consistent business innovation through a new idea and change of perspective.
  • Partnership
    • It pursues win-win situation with customers and partners.
    • It forms creative management-labor culture based on trust and cooperation.
    • It promotes close cooperation for the creation of group synergy.
  • Passion
    • It promotes businesses with a challenging and vigorous sprit that enables impossibility.
    • It consistently exerts efforts with the firm determination to be the best.
  • Performance
    • It improves business efficiency using the proper incentive based on performance.
    • It intends to clearly set a goal and makes every effort to obtain good results.