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Environmental Safety Management

Into the World, Into the Future LOTTE Chemical’s care about the environment continues to make our future and the globe greener.

Vision for Green Management

Vision for Green Management: Asia’s top chemical company that pursues harmony between men and nature
  • With Green for the Future
  • Customer Focus, Originality, Passion, Partnership, Performance
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in 2018 based on the 2009 basic unit
  • achieved eco-friendly product sales of 30% out of total sales in 2018

Green Management System

With the introduction and implementation of low-carbon, green management, LOTTE Chemical has built a green management system that manages environmental factors efficiently. In addition, this system is promotingit the efficient use of resources and energy and minimization of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution while regularly monitoring mid- to long-term improvement activities. As for implementation organization, the Management Committee chaired by the CEO sets the strategic direction for green management, and the Technical Committee suggests executable solutions to issues in relation to climate change response for individual plants. We have built the greenhouse gas and energy management system (GEMS) to implement green management and are promoting it at the company level.

Climate Change Response

Response System
LOTTE Chemical has a strategic system in place to respond proactively to climate change, being subject to regulatory risks governed by global climate change regulations and domestic basic laws on low-carbon Green Growth. Climate change has also created new business opportunities for renewable energy and high-efficiency energy products, which was reflected in the establishment of our business strategy and prompted us to enter the energy storage business through R&D on large-capacity battery technology
GEMS (Greenhouse Gas & Energy Management System) Construction and operation.
In 2010, LOTTE Chemical built the petrochemical industry’s first SAP-based GEMS or the first time in the petrochemical industry for pre-analyzing risks related to climate change and has been utilizing it as an opportunity for cost reduction and low-carbon green growth. GEMS is operated by an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)-based online monitoring system and is a comprehensive control management system that carries out real-time analyses and management of data on the potential reduction amount of greenhouse gas, intra-company emission credits, inventory, performance management, and management of compliance with related laws.
LOTTE Chemical’s GEMS, the first SAP-based integrated system, transparent statistical system on carbon, SAP-based system with maximum system scalability, the first domestic ERP-based system that integrates energy/greenhouse gas inventory data, integration of energy/inventory that takes into account the petrochemical characteristics, implementation of an original emissions trading scheme, taking into account the petrochemical characteristics, development of an intra-company emissions trading scheme that includes energy in a trading unit, objective understanding of advantages/disadvantages is possible, energy KPI can be utilized, a comprehensive control management system characterized by rational performance management provided by intra-company assessment guidelines/ GEMS: Greenhouse Gas & Energy Management System.
Participation in the Network for Climate Change
LOTTE Chemical discloses carbon information as well as the performance results of climate change response through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Korea Awards. CDP is a global initiative led by financial investment institutions all over the world in connection with issues of climate change. It requests information related to carbon management from the world’s major listed companies every year, offering it for use in climate change-related investments.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management
With the enforcement of the greenhouse gas and energy objective management system, LOTTE Chemical calculates energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions according to government standards. Energy usage is managed under two categories; direct and indirect energy sources. Every year usage plans are formulated and usage record is regularly monitored. Greenhouse gas emissions are managed in real time through the GEMS built in 2010. Energy diagnosis by an external agency and on-site greenhouse gas and energy consumption reduction activities are conducted on a continuing basis. In addition, under the supervision of the energy TFT in each workplace, a team of two persons from each department checks the state of steam and water loss, air-conditioning and heating, and energy conservation of office equipment for energy consumption control. Companywide energy saving activities are also undertaken such as maintenance of moderate office temperature, lights-out at lunch hour, and use of personal cups.