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Sustainability Management

Into the World, Into the Future LOTTE Chemical is achieving sustainability management by fulfilling its economic,
environmental, and social responsibilities.

Vision and Strategic

LOTTE Chemical is a leading corporation with a long history of advancing technology in the petrochemical industry. It's pursuing a long-term, sustainable growth program to achieve its goal of becoming Global Top 10 Chemical Company. We will continue to make positive impacts to mankind's lifestyle by establishing trust with our stakeholders and making constructive social changes, guided by our management philosophy and core values such as customer service, creativity, responsibility, and passion.

Global Top 10 Chemical Company

Management Policy

  • Strengthening Core Competences

    We secure competitiveness in our main business areas by focusing on what we can do best and then expand to related business areas.

  • Field-oriented Management

    Our executives and employees continuously monitor input from the field by customers, business partners, and local community members and incorporate their feedback into our business strategy.

  • Talent Cultivation

    We hire outstanding talent and nurture them to be industry leaders equipped to lead future growth.

  • Green Management

    We fulfill our responsibilities for society’s sustainable growth and the environment by supplying innovative, environment-friendly products that conserve energy.

  • Brand Management

    We ensure that our products give the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and win their trust as we make our premium brand a global leader.

Core Values

Core Values : Customer Focus, Originality, Passion, Partnership, Performance


We are running an education program on ethical management, information security, customer information protection, and fair trade through an internal training course to share and disseminate sustainability management. Each year, all executives and employees are obligated to participate in efforts to achieve ethical management. Basic training sessions are also provided for information security and in-depth training to suit individual job characteristics. In addition, environment-related education programs are offered to raise awareness of low-carbon, green management among executives and employees. In each area of the implementation of sustainability management, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are selected for the relevant organization to evaluate their performance.

Implementation Results

2016 DJSI Ceremony

  • Included in DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Asia-Pacific for Seven years in a row

    LOTTE Chemical has been included in the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainable Index) Asia Pacific - selected by DJSI and ROBECOSAM (Sustainable Asset Manager) - for Seven years in a row. DJSI Asia Pacific functions as the standard for SRI (Social Responsibility Investment) and evaluates overall financial, environmental, and social aspects. Only the Top 20% of 600 companies in the waitlist were selected to be on the DJSI Asia Pacific. As of 2017, only 39 domestic companies were included.