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MMA(Methyl Methacrylate)

MMA is a transparent liquid product having a sweet ester odor. The product is readily polymerized by light, heat,

radioactive materials or peroxides to form methacrylic resins.

Our top quality MMA has been in the market since the first commercial operation of Yeosu MMA Plant in 2001.

Traditional ACH processes for MMA production utilize acetone and cyanohydrins that are very harmful to the environment.

Our production facilities are based on the green technologies to reduce such toxic wastes and green house gas emission

by employing the direct oxidation of isobutylene followed by esterification.

  • Transparent film Transparent film
  • MMA Sample MMA Sample

MMA(Methyl Methacrylate)



Product use and characteristics
Product use and characteristics
GRADE MSDS Properties product certificate Product use and characteristics
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acryl bone cement in orthopedic surgeries, and to produce acryl polymer, polymethyl metacrylate, acryl fiber, ink, polymer injection material for wood, artificial marble, solvent-based adhesives and binder, and polyvinyl chloride shock absorber.