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Overview :

Aromatic compounds are produced by hydro process of IFP and extraction process of UOP using pyrolysis gasoline.


Applications :

Benzene is used to produce synthetic resins (polystyrene, polyester, phenol), cyclohexane, maleic anhydride, synthetic detergent, organic pigment, organic rubber chemical, medicine, perfume, and synthetic fiber (nylon). It is also used as a general solvent for food, agrichemical, photographic chemicals, explosives, insecticide, preservative (PCP), transformer oil, and paint. Base material to produce plasticizer, synthetic resin, emulsifier, glues, gelatin, cork, cigarette, humectant of cosmetics, plasticizer of nitrocellulose. Used in gas dehydration and solvent extraction.




Product use and characteristics
Product use and characteristics
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raw material for dye, organic pigment, perfume, plasticizer, medicines, etc., and as general solvents for paint, agricultural pesticide, medicines, etc