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Personnel System

Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented Person The company grows together with executives and employees by providing employee benefits,
welfare benefits and opportunities to develop creative abilities.
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Training Program for Key Talent Cultivation

LOTTE Chemical has established a road map of talent cultivation for acquiring professional knowledge for each job and providing training programs that nurture professional talent.

Training Program for Key Talent Cultivation
division program Senir Assistant ~
Manager Senior Manager Executive
Common/Knowledge Language education
Informatization education
Monthly special lecture
Core value education
Sexual harassment prevention education
Hierarchy Job Chemical Engineering Academy,
Accounting Academy
Job qualifications certification system Compulsory education by grade  
Job expert course Team leader qualification system New executive course
Commissioned education for job ability improvement
Key talent cultivation/global       SENIOR-MBA COURSE
Business Administration Graduate School
Global School
Country Expert Course
Global Expert Course
foreign exchange program    
Common/Knowledge Training
LOTTE Chemical is implementing employee welfare benefit systems to guarantee affluent, stable living for employees and improve their quality of life.
Hierarchical / Job Training
LOTTE Chemical is training employees to be job experts by providing them with the basic knowledge of the relevant field and of the recent trends through stage-by-stage job training, including professional agencies’ commissioned education for acquisition of expert knowledge, while at the same time increasing work efficiency and competitiveness. Furthermore, we are providing senior employees with training for role performance by grade and capability improvement to enhance the cultivation of future management and strategic leaders.
Key Talent Cultivation / Global Training
For cultivation of next-generation managers, LOTTE Chemical is concentrating on the discovery and training of key talents who will provide foundation for organizational growth by providing assistance in developing strategic thinking and systematizing managerial knowhow through MBA and AMP courses at major domestic universities. In addition, we are offering a support system for talented personnel with growth potential to complete MBA courses and degrees at domestic or overseas universities as well as courses for improving language ability and overseas work exchange programs for global-mindedness and competitiveness.
New Employees
New Employees New employee orientation, OJT, mentoring, refresher training

We are assisting our new employees in establishing appropriate attitude, posture, self-esteem and company loyalty through new employee orientation, and inspiring their sense of belonging and helping them adapt to the organization through OJT and mentoring programs for early use of their abilities.

Employee Welfare Benefits

LOTTE Chemical is implementing employee welfare benefit systems to guarantee affluent, stable living for employees and improve their quality of life.

LOTTE Chemical’s Employee Welfare Benefits
Housing Finance Support House purchasing fund and security deposit assistance, company housing assistance to employees with research institutes and plants
Tuition fee support Tuition fee support for children enrolled in middle, high school, and university, and LOTTE scholarship to outstanding students
money and
congratulatory/condolence leave
For congratulatory/condolence events such as the marriage of the person concerned/family member, 70th birthday, congratulatory/condolence money is paid and congratulatory or condolence leave is granted
Meals provided
for each
workplace or lunch fee support
Company cafeterias are operated with nutritious menus for employees. Lunch fee support
Overseas training
for model employees
Opportunities of exchange work at overseas subsidiaries are provided for excellent employees (opportunity to improve language ability and cultural experience)
Reward for long-term employees 10-year, 15-year long-term employees are rewarded; travel opportunity is granted to 20-year long-term employee couple.
Medical expense support Medical expense support for the person concerned, spouse, children, parents under specified conditions
Physical examination A comprehensive physical examination is provided annually(biennially for spouse)
accident insurance
Accident insurance registered for insurance compensation when death from injury occurs.
Holiday system The refresher leave system and summer vacation(5 days)
Condominium Corporate membership support. Available across the country
Social club support Club activities for each workplace are promoted with club membership fee support
tuition support
When above a specified attendance rate, external language institute tuition support with in-house language courses is offered.
Selective welfare
Benefit system
Increasing employee satisfaction with cafeteria-style welfare benefit system