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21st Century Cornerstone of Korea’s Chemical Industry A comprehensive chemical R&D Center that leads the way in generating high earnings
and creating a new business for LOTTE Chemical products
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About the R&D Center

Established in the Yeosu Plant in 1986 with the aim of future-oriented R&D for customers, the R&D Center was relocated to the Daeduk Special Zone in 1991 and then became an integrated R&D Center in the chemical sectorf the LOTTE GROUP in 2005 by consolidating its subsidiaries LOTTE Daesan Petrochemical Corp., and KP Chemical R&D Center. Moreover, this global R&D Center is opening up a promising future by providing expanded product development and technical support to overseas subsidiaries LC Gaheung EP in China, LC Titan in Malaysia, and LC Alabama in the US.

Major research activities include polyolefin resin development and catalyst research, research on the development of new materials with enhanced functionality, chemical research in the field of monomers, and research on Mega trends as a future growth engine, with efforts to secure original technologies and pioneer new markets for sustainable growth.

Technology that will brighten the future of mankind, a leader in the domestic petrochemical field

LOTTE Chemical R&D Center developed Korea's first hot-water Ondol pipe and polymer fuel tank for automobiles based on its 30+ years of experience in process/production control technology. Its polypropylene resin for extrusion coating with excellent adhesiveness and processability was named one of the world’s best products and has contributed to, export growth. The R&D Center has also been undertaking research on adhesive resin and composite material resins that deliver high-strength and lightweight general-purpose plastic products, and applying them to the automotive parts and home appliance industries. Research is also underway on feedstock and high value-added chemicals to break the dependence on crude oil and accelerating its R&D efforts in the fields of energy storage, biochemical engineering, and water treatment to secure new growth engines for the future. These research activities, are helping to realize the corporate vision of ”Top-Tier Asian Chemical Company, with a turnover of KRW 40 trillion by 2018.”

R&D Center organization chart

R&D Center
  • R&D Division 1
    E, PP product development and process technology
    Customer support
    R&D Division 2
    PET, PC, PMMA product development and process technology
    Customer support
    R&D Division 3
    Functional plastic
    Carbon material development
    Synthetic Rubber
    R&D Division 4
    Olefin, BTX, EO
    Chemical process technology development
    Bio Chemistry
    R&D Division 5
    Catalyst development
    Polymerization process development
    R&D Division 6
    Energy storage
    Membrane development
    R&D Strategy Division
    R&D Planning
    IP Strategy
    HR Coordination
    Administrative Support
    Analysis Support
  • Water Treatment Division
    Water Treatment Sales Team
    Water Treatment Development Team

R&D Center’s Vision

Vision-oriented R&D Center for Sustainable Growth
Enhancing the competitiveness of present businesses
Creating new growth engines

Strengthening R&D Center capabilities

    • Optimization of R&D Center portfolio
    • Choice and concentration (priority and high control)
    • Dividing R&D Center activities into two categories: basic & commercialization and product development
    • Stimulating the commercialization of R&D Center results
    • Commercialization-oriented R&D Center activities
    • Developing new products and new businesses in accordance with company-wide mid to long-term strategies
    • Building efficient R&D Center networks
    • Securing talents
    • Expanding outsourced R&D Center
    • Utilizing domestic and foreign experts

R&D Center Address

Road Name Address
LOTTE Chemical R&D Center, 115 Gajeongbuk-ro, Yuseong-gu,
Daejeon Metropolitan CityR&D Center
Land Lot Number Address
LOTTE Chemical R&D Center, 24-1 Jangdong,
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City